Not Once, Not Never

by Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes

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released May 20, 2016

recorded/mixed at treelady studios by dave cerminara. mastered at treelady studios by garrett haines. drums on little mouse pirouettes performed by richard straub. jake kampman and brendan monahan tracked little mouse pirouettes in drexel studios. album art text by laura lee burkhardt. album art by sam braxton.
yy1kxy is dan hagendorf and dylan chieffalo on this album.
Bonus track included w/ download.



all rights reserved


Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

we used to be a two piece. mathy punky indie pop.

Dan Hagendorf / Dylan Chieffalo / Jason McCarty / Benjamin Gardner

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Track Name: Sometimes I Doubt Yr Commitment To Sparkle Motion...
i’m seeing ghosts again you’re here. apparition vision don’t go disappear. i’m thinking of leaving why bother wait. it hurts too much to see your spirit evaporate.
and i won’t ever try to get you to care like you used to. and you won’t even come back cause you don’t care like you used to. and i won’t ever understand why you don’t care like you used to.
Track Name: Pretty Bill
everywhere you look there is someone out to get you. that’s the way it is i guess and i’m sorry that you had to figure out. at least we have each other and that’s what counts. rain it falls to ash as we stop and stare over there. i’m not gonna die today you’re not going to die today i’m not gonna die today. not even breathing not even dreaming. i’m not gonna die today.
you are not my son I won’t define you. you are not my son i won’t define you you won’t define me.
we don’t have no place to go so open up your arms please.
run run on the run everybody’s on the run. run run on the run i’m on the run. i wish i had a ballpoint pen i’d write that down again again.
Track Name: Weedcastle
i’m sick for the rest of my life. only two things scare me. broken glass and lots of it. and missing you and not doing anything about it.
my shirt smells like the cigarette smoke you had in your mouth nine hours ago. instead of sniffing glue and other rock n roll habits. i’ve been inhaling whatever smells like you. along with getting high i start to feel alone.
and i don’t want to tell you need you and find out all i needed was your… i’m eating alone where are you. i’m dying to find a way out.
Track Name: Little Mouse Pirouettes
little mice pirouette on flower stalks the stilts that keep them on the ground today. on the ground today. little lines meet up specters that reach infinity they swirl in the summer heat. someone’s kept a secret from us. meet up with my friends at the beach and it’s such a long drive. attach my hands to the wheel try to keep my tongue tied. they say what’s up they say what’s up.
okay so there’s this box with white light shines like god in the middle of my room right now. of my room right now. i asked why so bright. why cast a shadow on anything.
Track Name: Haunted Houses Are For Losers
is that all you have left. black magic and angel dust. i’ll go to the bank in the morning. hundred dollar bills for baby’s nose.
go back to where it’s cold. your hands aren’t mine to hold.
ecstasy. molly. fucking. it’s hard. i am alone.
i have lost. all of my mind. i don’t know. ufo. that’s just. the abstract. i’ll write you a report. let’s get our wits about us.
so i was flying through space straight through to the moon and there’s a haunted house in the spacecraft and a ghost said boo.
Track Name: No Cat
Track Name: Use Yr Powers Fr Good
send my body over seas cause nobody ever sees me i’m alone i’m at home i could be anywhere. i’m trudging along i’ve still got a long way to go.
it’s through the snow and it’s uphill both ways. where is my head. it’s in this sock of a hat of a helmet. my sense of time. it’s in this rock of a skull compartment. and you make soup of my words that’s not what i said at all but i’ll drink it anyway. it’s okay to be wrong.
you’re looking for a way out. there’s no way out there’s no way out.
my lungs won’t turn out right. the world’s communal cigarette smoking the world’s communal cigarette said. my legs won’t grow out right. they grew up in the city got sunspots where my eyes should be. my lungs won’t turn out right.
Track Name: Lamps That Look Like Body Parts
me and you gone wrong.
i tried for you.
got funny secrets shush you wouldn’t keep them. driving slowly by no muffler. i’m gonna stop running real soon but until i do. gonna spend my birthdays in the hospital with the film crew.
hidden away i’ve been licking my wounds. i think i see the future but she really knows i’m only frightened by the things i think may happen. i make shit up and i never have enough.
Track Name: Sucking It In
if you still have a brain then i think you should use it. cause friend i’m about to lose my cool for the ten-thousandth time.
two-thousand-seven. two-thousand-eight. two-thousand-nine ten eleven won’t even matter again.
hey dude. you better help yourself. i am going to die.
if everything happens for a reason what the fuck is your’s. (if you still have a brain then i think you should use it).
Track Name: Coat Yr Contacts In Acid 'til You Die
throw your change down the well and change yourself. oh my there’s a boy down in the well. he’s been collecting dust for all these years.
one two three four. and no. no i’m not a nihilist. i just think that things could. get a little better.
mary. ‘s not how you cook the meat mary